Raw Talent Guitar Commercial

August 19th, 2010

This past Friday I had a ton of fun doing makeup on the set of Raw Talent Guitar. It’s not really a “Guitar Hero” type game because it uses a USB interface to read input from an actual guitar instead of a small plastic toy guitar.. The user plays along to pre-recorded tracks  and the software then evaluates the performance.

The concept of the shoot was to take a young slacker dude frustrated with his failed attempts to learn to play guitar, and then turn him into a rock star in concert. I also did the wardrobe shopping/styling for this, and we used the clothes and accessories to really bring about the change. Our main talent was a really good sport when I had to “geek” him up, glasses and all.  And what about the amazing lost in the ’70’s set Jan Infante created. She is a genius prop/set designer!

No rock concert would be complete without some smokin’  hot babes hanging out backstage waiting to party, and this one did not disappoint. Two lovely ladies were on board to hang out offstage and look great. Here are some of my photos, and you can see lots more on the company’s Facebook page  here.

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  1. How can you make a distortion on a marshall mg30fx? Can you tell me what the buttons (Gain, Treble) on my guitar amp mean?

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for your comments. You might want to try contacting the folks at Raw Talent Guitar for your support questions. http://www.rawtalentguitar.com

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