I Love Being A Makeup Artist, Really I Do

August 26th, 2010

Not every job as a professional makeup artist can be glamorous, exciting and creative, but one can always hope. Today’s job, which I was totally thrilled and thankful to have mind you, was none of the aforementioned adjectives. The location… an actual call center. Think lots and lots of people sitting in cubicles with headsets on, thanking the callers very politely for having called. The shot list… the first half of the day was mostly wide shots of the facility, so no makeup needed. Lunch break… delicious turkey sub (OK, so that part was good!).

Sounds like a really boring day, right, and you’re wondering why I was even there. Well, I eventually found out.  After lunch they switched into turbo mode and we cranked out eighteen testimonials between 2 PM and 6 PM. A testimonial is when a person who has used a particular product looks directly into the camera and tells their story about why they love it.

These are real people, not actors or models, so the makeup look is barely there, really clean and natural. Occasionally you’ll have to tone down someone who over did their makeup thinking it would look good on camera.  I usually enjoy these because the stories are heartfelt, and I get to learn more about the product.

Sadly, today I was so busy whipping through person after person that I barely could see through all the powder flying. I could not do my usual pamper and relax routine with each of my clients, but instead assaulted them with a swift spritz and tissue blot, then attacked them with brushes and sponges flailing, and then minutes later kicked them out of the chair with seconds to spare before my next victim sat down to be tortured. As The Shirelles so aptly sang,  “Mama said there’ll be days like this. “There’ll be days like this,” my mama said.”

The highlight of my day came when they asked me if I was available to work with them tomorrow, because the company’s CEO was unavailable to do his shots today. So happily I am working tomorrow, and hopefully there will not be another eighteen testimonials!


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