Day Two on Location at Great HealthWorks

August 28th, 2010

OK, so after my rant here on the blog Thursday night, the Makeup Gods felt so badly for me that they whispered into the producer and client’s ears and set them straight on what makes a great day on set for a  makeup artist.  The first improvement of the day… the talent roster went  down to nine, which is a much more manageable number of people to spoil and pamper than the eighteen I had on the first day!

Second improvement… the talent roster contained some actual celebrities. Passing through my makeup chair where none other than three beloved Miami Dolphins football players, two from their world famous 1972 Perfect Season.  And last but not least, the very impressive Ken Meares, CEO and Founder of Great HealthWorks, the company we shot this commercial for.

The third and final improvement…  my call time was an hour later than the previous day. More sleep, less cranky, less rants here for you read. Works for me!

In all seriousness, I have to say that the staff at Great Healthworks are incredibly friendly, kind and generous. They are delightful folks to chat with, and they serve up a delicious cup of coffee. Besides, they were not the ones responsible for the chaotic schedule on day one!

I’m off this weekend (it’s still way too hot for any sane person to have a special occasion requiring formal dress and makeup), but I am shooting Wednesday and Thursday for  The Festival Flea Market again. Until then… have a great weekend!

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