Jeff Kolodny Photography

September 30th, 2010

The purpose of my blog is to record my work as both a wedding makeup artist and as a makeup artist for film and television. In theory, one job, one blog post. Made sense to me. Until now.

Yesterday I was thrilled to receive an email from Robin at Jeff Kolodny Photography filled with gorgeous photos from Jessica and Stephen’s wedding back in July at Bahia Mar Resort. Jeff’s photos are full of rich, vibrant color and are just luscious. Upon viewing them it became immediately apparent that my skills as a photographer are seriously lacking! As a makeup artist I understand shading, contouring, highlighting, etc.  However lighting, composition and focus for a photo, not so much. So, while I never intended to post on the same job twice, it would be selfish of me to not share the fantastic work of Jeff with you. (As a side note, Robin’s email personality will have you in stitches… she is one funny lady. Drop her a note and find out for yourself.) Plus, this bridal party is not too hard to look at for a second time!

The bride and groom outside on Ft. Lauderdale Beach

Touching up the bride with The Blushing Bride Lipgloss in “Bliss”

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