Elizabeth’s Surfin’ Safari

October 4th, 2010

Saturday I had the most fun meeting and working with a lovely young lady named Elizabeth, her amazing mother and adorable younger sister. One look at the huge bathroom mom so graciously shares with her daughters, and I knew that I was dealing with some hard core “girlie-girls”!  These young ladies are into fashion, hair, and makeup, and they honestly know their stuff. The time flew by as we were discussing face shape, concealing dark circles, keeping curls from drooping, Saks Fifth Ave. and assorted other matters of national importance.

It seems Elizabeth fell in love with surfing while in Hawaii, and decided to make that the theme of her Bat Mitzvah party. Her darling dress was in shades of marine blue and green to reflect water, and so I used “Wedding at Sea” and “Rose Petals” eyeshadows  from The Blushing Bride Cosmetics to compliment her look. On her cheeks is  “Cut the Cake” blush and her lips are shining with “Blush”  lipgloss.  Her sister is wearing “Tie the Knot” blush and “Veil”  lipgloss to compliment the gold in her dress, and mom is wearing “Always a Bridesmaid” blush and “Flower Girl”   lipstick topped with “Bliss”  lipgloss to play up her amazing tan. 

The very next morning I found the following text message on my phone…

” Thx again for ur help. Everything including US were beautiful :).” 

Ladies, it was absolutely my pleasure!

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