Rachel Rules!

October 12th, 2010

A very rainy Friday afternoon, just a few weeks ago, I spent several delightful hours getting to know Rachel and her family. She was having photos taken to use on the sign-in board for her upcoming Bat Mitzvah, and her wise mother decided that they might as well take advantage of a perfect opportunity to sneak in a family portrait as well.

As I mentioned, it was raining badly, so the outdoor location was switched at the last minute to photographer Alan Wilco’s studio.  Not only do I adore working with Alan, but admire his work so much that he is the photographer of choice for my family and my business, The Blushing Bride Cosmetics.

Rachel and her nine year old sister are poised and well mannered, and the influence of their parents love and kindness shows through. Rachel was a bit shy to start, but by the time the first round of makeup was done she was happy and relaxed. While she was taking her first shots, I did her mother’s and sister’s makeup as well   After her first look was done, the family joined in the fun for a group shot. After that she changed wardrobe to something a bit darker and mature, I added a little drama to her makeup, and she was back in the spotlight for her next look. I had a wonderful time chatting with them all, and the time really did fly by. I look forward to working with them again next weekend on Rachel’s big day.




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