On The Road Again…

November 22nd, 2010

Well, the last four days have been a whirlwind of driving all over the tri-county area for several jobs.  No wonder I keep hearing Willie Nelson singing in my ear…

Starting with Friday,  I drove up to West Palm Beach at 11am to do the ballet at the beautiful  Kravis Center. Drove home 10pm that night. 112 miles.

Saturday morning I had an 8:30am call time for a commercial in Miami with my producer friend Sara at  The M Network. It was the first of a two day shoot for a law firm. Thanks go out to Joey, who covered for me at the ballet. 15 miles.

When we wrapped at 2pm I was…(wait for it)… on the road again,  back up to West Palm to do the 8pm performance of the ballet. 67 miles.

I gave my dear car a break and stayed in West Palm for the night. Did the Sunday matinee at 1pm, and then yup, I was back on the road again, heading home. 56 miles.

Today was the second day of the law firm shoot. With two locations of course,  just so Icould be on the road again!  The first location was at a garden nursey in Davie. 16.5 miles from home to there. Then to an auto body shop in Hollywood. 13.5 miles more.

And then the  last 3 miles to get home. That makes for a grand total of 283 miles. Of driving in South Florida traffic!  I don’t really recommend it.

So after all the long hours at work and on the road I am looking forward to spending Thanksgiving up in Richmond. Happy Turkey Day to you all.

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