Catching Up

December 20th, 2010

I realize that I have a lot of catching up to do… pretty much everything since Thanksgiving!  Well, December started out slow and boring. My first two jobs of the month were pretty basic and had little creative value as far as the makeup goes.

The first took place outside at a home construction site, Port O’ Potty and all. We were shooting additional shots for a power saw product I worked on awhile back. Aside from the fabulous weather, there was nothing much to report on, same old basic footage. Really nice client though!

The second was a photo shoot in one of the apartments of Forest Trace, a retirement community we shot a commercial for awhile back as well. The apartment owners’ furnishings were stunning, a perfectly paired down collection from a life long pursuit of antiques and family heirlooms. They kept only the best of the best and turned a simple two bedroom apartment into an elegant home.  If I am able to get some of the photos I will post them later.

I have three more jobs to post about, so check back soon.  Until then, have a great night!

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