January 29th, 2011

On Tuesday the 11th I got to work with one of the “yummiest” producers in South Florida, Sara Schermer of The M Network. We were shooting spots for a pain and  injury center client.  Sara’s shoots go really smoothly, because she is so well organized. But when the shoot is outdoors on the street there is a lot of noise to contend with. In our case, being in the air traffic pattern of Miami International airport for 45 minutes certainly did not make things easy.  Just as the talent would deliver their lines perfectly, you guessed it, an airplane or two would fly overhead and ruin the take. We managed to work around the noise and get the job done, but it certainly was frustrating.  Below are a few typical photos of the ambulance and the non-lawyer spokesperson, as well as all the cameras, lights, and various equipment.

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