Martin Short at The Fontainebleau Miami Beach

April 10th, 2011

I love a good laugh, so naturally I love the opportunity to work with comedians. I respect the intelligence it takes to see the “funny” in our everyday world,  so I am not surprised to find that they are much more serious in person then you would expect. I worked with a lot of  comedians on two seasons of the TV show Last Comic Standing, the Miami episodes.  but then there was my dream job – working with George Carlin for an opening segment of ABC”s Monday Night Football.

Well, on March 29th I was thrilled to be able to add Martin Short to my list of funny men who have sat in my makeup chair. He was at The Fontainebleau  to perform a private one hour show.  Special appearances came from some of his most beloved characters:  Jiminy Glick, Ed Grimley, Nathan Thurm and Franck the wedding planner from the film Father of the Bride.

It turned out to be a 15 hour day for me, but it was well worth the exhaustion, so please overlook how tired I am in these photos!  By the way, that is Victoria the wardrobe stylist in the second photo. She was there to handle all of his costumes and quick changes (and yes, I got to see the fat suit and prosthetic mask for Jiminy Glick… they are amazing!)

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