The Film That Shall Remain Nameless…

July 10th, 2011

I have a really good reason for not keeping up with my posts… I have been so very lucky to work  a lot during  June on the set of the  film version of the hit Broadway musical “**********.”  The movie is filming here in South Florida through mid August. I have been working in the hair department, creating huge teased, crimped and gravity defying hairstyles for up to 500 extras each day. The hours are long, the work is nonstop, but it is a heck of a lot of fun! And I’ve gotten to chat with lots of young, up and coming local talent.

I would be remiss if not to mention that the celebrity sightings have been pretty amazing too. Sadly, no photography is allowed on set, so I will post here the official, approved for publishing photos of some of the stars that I have found online..

Tom Cruise

Julianne Hough


 I have not been able to  find any set photos of Paul Giamatti, but seeing him was a huge highlight for me. A small spoiler alert… he shares a scene with a co-star that is a real knock-out.

Happily, I have been asked back for next week, so I get to relive the eighties a little longer. Hard to believe that they were thirty years ago… feels just like yesterday!

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