Lauren gets Married

December 9th, 2009

So I mentioned that after the eyelash event I had a blushing bride and her family to make up very early the next morning. The wedding was in Boca Raton, but they wanted to get ready at the house. When I got there at 6:45 AM  they were already up and running around. The first time I worked with Lauren and her family was three years ago for her sister’s wedding, and it was great to be welcomed back into their home. Her sister just had a darling baby boy two and a half weeks ago, and she looks amazing for just having given birth. As a huge surprise to the bride, her hairstylist from New York was in town for a photo shoot and he decided to stay a few days extra to do the hair. Lauren is used to wearing shades of brown, beige and gold on her eyes, dark eyeliner and very nude lips. We worked this look out for her at her preview session. With a light colored gown we decided that a bit more color on her lips would look and photograph better. I upgraded her “nude” gloss to “Bridal Portrait” lipstick by The Blushing Bride Cosmetics and topped it with their “Veil” lipgloss to reflect her golden hair-color. The first photo was taken indoors, and the second photo outside in natural light.

Sadly, the family did not get dressed at the house so I did not have the chance to see the bride with her hair finished or in her wedding dress and veil. What is cool is that Lauren’s “something borrowed” was the wedding gown that her sister wore for her wedding. Here is the not quite finished bride and her mother and her grandmother, who says she that she only takes the time to wear makeup for special occasions. Today certainly was an occasion worthy of makeup.



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