Festival Flea Market TV Commercial

November 6th, 2009

Yesterday I worked with Jim Knutt and David Cabana from Tropic Survival. It is always a pleasure being on their crew. It was a tv spot for this huge indoor flea market mall, and we covered every inch of it.  There was just one talent, Lisa Corrao, a really cute and talented comedian from South Florida. Here she is just after completing the makeup.

Throughout the day we shot at various stores. Here are some of those shots.




Here is some of the crew… Steve Miller and Chris Aller with the two Lisa’s

So, it started out as a pretty typical shoot until we saw this woman walking through the mall carrying a stuffed animal. It wasn’t until she got closer that we saw it was a pink poodle, alive but perhaps not well. I ran after her to get this photo because I did not think that anyone would believe me. I’ll keep my comments to myself, but feel free to post yours here.

So if you happen to be in Pompano Beach  you should check out The Festival  Flea Market. On Saturday they will be holding the grand opening of a new section, The Hillsborough Antiques Center, which has just moved there permanently. I saw lots of vintage items I would love to call my own, so I may have to go back there once they are open.

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  2. Sue says:

    Hi Lisa – Has anyone ever told you that you look so much like Ana Alicia when she was younger?

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