Kelli’s Preview

January 1st, 2012

The second event in my over a decade long client connection was for a preview makeup session for an upcoming wedding. I first met Kelli back in December 1994.  It was  her sister Andrea’s wedding, and I did the makeup for the bride and her very large bridal party. It was my first time going all the way down to Homestead, FL, but these sassy, cool ladies made the long trip well worthwhile. These women were just too much fun, and the fun has continued over the years, as several of them have called on me to do their makeup for their special events.

Well now sister Kelli is getting married, and she called on me to do her makeup  for her engagement pictures.  I could not help but drive home grinning from ear to ear after seeing and hearing how happy she was with my makeup application. I can’t wait to do the wedding in a few weeks. The last picture is one she sent me from their photo shoot.



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