Monica Got Married!

January 4th, 2012

My last wedding of 2011 was the perfect way to end a great year. A stunning bride, her beautiful mother (who told the best stories!) and of course the funniest and most loving group of bridesmaids I can recall. As we started so early in the morning it was like being at a big pajama party. Lots and lots of fun. And to top it all off, Monica and the groom chose a country western theme for the reception. PARTY!

My only complaint was that the room we worked in was painted the most awful shade of green. It not only made judging the makeup difficult, it certainly made taking good pictures, not my specialty to begin with, almost impossible. Luckily, the photographer, Steve Procko, was kind enough to share some of the photos with me. I promise that you will be able to tell the difference!!!

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