Rachel Is Engaged!

January 16th, 2012

I forgot to add this late December photo shoot to the blog before my “That’s A Wrap” post. Sorry Rachel!

In April Rachel is getting married to the brother of Michele, a bride I did several years ago. As soon as they became engaged I was called by their fabulous (and my favorite) wedding planner Jean Wilco  to ask me to hold the date.

Many months later the engagement photo shoot was upon us and I finally got to meet Rachel. Our meeting could not have gone more smoothly. We were on the exact same page from makeup looks to wardrobe. It was one of the easiest previews I have ever done. She is just adorable! My wish for 2012 is that I can make all of my clients as happy as I did Rachel.

So here are my obligatory before and after shots, followed by a breathtaking photo taken later that day on the beach by Alan Wilco.  I can’t wait to see the rest!

By the way, aren’t “Touch” lip liner, “Honeymoon” lipstick and “Tie The Knot” blush by The Blushing Bride Cosnetics  the perfect natural colors to wear for a  beach photo shoot!

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