Kelli Got Married!

February 28th, 2012

So, you’ve read about my very long history with Kelli, her family and friends in my post from 1/1/2012.  I will try not to be boring and repeat too much. 

Her wedding day preparations were happy, joyous and filled with love. And I got to reunite with her sister Andrea, who’s wedding I did so long ago. I even took a picture of Andrea’s bridal portrait that is hanging in their mother’s home. You can see it below. I put the pics of Andrea today next to it. She has not changed, and is as beautiful as ever.

Another very pleasant surprise was  her photographer Heather, who I worked with the prior weekend  on bride Jessica’s wedding. Such a small world.  Kelli promised to send me Heather’s pro pics once she receives them, so stay tuned!

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