Paulette’s Confirmation

May 17th, 2013

There is very little that can get me out of bed really early on a Sunday morning…

but a desperate mother referred to me by one of my recent brides is certainly one way to do it!

Paulette, 14 years old,  was getting confirmed and there was no salon open and willing to accomodate her and her mother early enough that morning. To the rescue came their neighbor Sandra, who’s wedding I had done just a few months back. A  phone call later and we worked it out that I would come to them early enough so that I could still get to the wedding I was booked on for that morning on time. Mom simply wanted to look great, and Paulette sent me photos of the hair and makeup look she wanted.

Mom was proud as a peacock, and Paulette was too excited for words.  She did, however,  manage to tell me afterwards that if she has a Sweet 16, she will be calling me right away!

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