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March 8th, 2010

Today’s session included eight woman, all of them dealing with breast cancer. I am always torn between my excitement of having  large groups of woman taking advantage of such an incredible program, and the sadness of my realization of what their attendance actually means.

The most difficult point for me to get across today was the issue of using disposable applicators to apply their makeup. While the women are undergoing treatment their immune system can be compromised, and so it is essential that everything they put on their skin is hygenic. Since many cosmetic products contain oils and can easily breed bacteria, I suggest using  Q-tips, not fingers, to remove product from a jar and to apply eyeshadow, and cotton balls and disposable sponges to apply powder and blush. Several of today’s kits included a set of makeup brushes, and it was quite tempting for the women to want to use them. It gave a bit of a mixed message, so all I could do was also explain the best methods to clean the brushes after each use.

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