So Nice To Be Remembered

April 1st, 2010

I’ve been a makeup artist for a long time now. What I love best about it is the relationships I have developed with many of my clients. Doing the makeup for all of their special events makes me feel like part of the family. Such is the case with Mackie and her family. During the end of the 1990’s I created the makeup looks for her her family members for several weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, and a family portrait celebrating her mother’s 75th birthday. And then the special occasions ran out, a sad day for my checking account!!!

Here it is, eleven years later, and happily Mackie tracked me down for the first of several upcoming family affairs. I met with them last Saturday for a family Bat Mitzvah. Mackie has not changed at all in a decade. Her mom, now 86, still has a great sense of humor. And her daughter, whose makeup I did for her wedding, is now the mother of two darling children and looks amazing. It was great to see them all, catch up on all the family gossip, and once again enjoy basking in the genuine warmth and love that this family shares. So here are the three generations…

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