Allie’s Bat Mitzvah Photo Session

November 25th, 2009

Today was the photo session for Allie’s Bat Mitzvah, which will take place this coming Saturday. For religious reasons, photos are not allowed to be taken in the synagogue during Shabbat (sundown Friday until sundown Saturday) so many families choose to stage the ceremony pictures a few days before the actual event.

Allie and her mom are very natural ladies, and Allie spends a lot of time horseback riding. They wanted to keep the makeup soft and fresh, especially for the synagogue pictures. Mom is wearing “Bridal Portrait” lipstick with a bit of “Veil” lipgloss from The Blushing Bride Cosmetics. Allie is wearing the same lipgloss. On their cheeks is “Tie the Knot” blush. to give them a healthy sunkissed look. I think that for the big Saturday night affair they may go a bit more glam, as the theme for the attire is dazzling denim.

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