Dual Power Saw Plus – day one

April 26th, 2010

Even the most well planned and organized commercial shoot can experience unforeseen glitches that cause it to run into overtime. That is exactly what happened this past Thursday on the first day of the Dual Power Saw Plus shoot. Call time was 7:30 am, so i showed up at 7 am to set up and have a bite of breakfast. Fast forward to 10:30 pm when I was finally packed up, in my car and on my way home. It was a very long day!

Why did it take so long? Let’s start with the fact that the first shots of the day were of the saw cutting a car in half! It was very cool to watch. The next shots were of the very same blade slicing through a raw egg… a very messy shot as it was being held by one of the hosts! So, while it was a very very long day, it was certainly entertaining. And I could not have asked for nicer talent to work with: David Jones, Bob Small, Drew Smith, Tracy Montilla and Ted Goldenberg.

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