Joy and Gabriel’s Nikki Beach Wedding

October 17th, 2009

I was so excited to hear that Jay Guttveg and Creative Focus photography had published their blog post on the wedding I did October 17th. I knew that the photos would be outrageous, but their description of the event was perfect. So, because I can’t improve on perfection, here are Jay’s gorgeous photos and the story behind Joy and Gabriel’s wedding Jay was thoughtful enough to include a photo of me applying Joy’s makeup.

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For me, this wedding was like being part of the family.  Having known Joy for a few years now, I was so excited to hear the news that she was getting married.  I knew that she had many friends and colleges that were photographers, because she is a planner herself.  So when she asked me to be her Miami Beach wedding photographer, it was a real compliment to our company.  Now I am not just her friend, but also her wedding photographer.

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Joy, I mean really, that says it all. She is a joy to work with, a real joy to be around and such a happy bride.  Gabriel has some of his own ideas, which you have to give him credit for, as most groom just want to show up.   He wants to be involved and not only cares about his wedding day, but truly loves his bride.

We started the day in Miami Beach at the Hotel Victor.  What a great choice to get ready and definitely what I would expect from Joy.  The hotel is so well decorated and perfect for photos.  I found a bright red wall just before the elevator with a window seat.  Framed by two red tiled pillars, it made for a real artistic setting to our shots.

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Once we finished at the hotel we took off for Nikki Beach, where the ceremony and reception was to take place.  When I first walked in I saw the most amazing setting for the dinner.  Outside under the trees, where hints of sparkling lights, breathtaking floral centerpieces, candles and ornate tablecloths.  The décor was like looking into a Martha Stewart magazine.

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